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Brooklyn is one of the five boroughs that make up the bustling New York City and is situated at the western end of Long Island. Brooklyn is the city’s most populous region, with a population of 2.5 million residents, and is the second largest in land area. If Brooklyn were a separate city, it would be the fourth largest in the nation. Although Brooklyn is part of the large and unique city of New York City, Brooklyn maintains its own, unique identity in terms of its culture, independent art scene, and architectural heritage. Although Brooklyn has much to offer in terms of its job market, slightly more than half of the borough’s population work outside its boundaries in nearby areas such as Manhattan. Although Brooklyn’s economy has been based on a manufacturing industry in the past, the borough’s economy has diversified and shifted to a service-based economy.

Brooklyn is home to many ethnicities, with an especially large African-American community. Bedford Stuyvesant is home to one of the most famous African-American communities and is a center for African-American culture and arts. Brighton Beach in Brooklyn is home to a large Russian population, earning it the nickname “Little Odessa.” Bushwick is home to a large Hispanic population, and many of the businesses in the area reflect the ethnicity. Brooklyn is also home to Italian, Chinese, Jewish, Irish, and Polish communities. Brooklyn has many museums, such as the Brooklyn Museum, which is the nation’s second largest public art museum, as well as the Brooklyn Children’s Museum, Brooklyn Historical Society, and much more. The Brooklyn Academy of Music includes both an opera house, theater, and art house. Other popular attractions in Brooklyn include Coney Island, the Sheepshead Bay Race Track, New York Transit Museum, and Brooklyn Botanic Garden.