New York Real Estate Homes & Condos

The City of New York is the most populous city in the United States, and the New York metropolitan area is one of the world’s most populous urban areas. For a long time the city has been a leading global city and has served as a center for worldwide commerce, finance, culture, and entertainment. New York City is also a center for international affairs, home to the United Nations headquarters. The city lies along the Atlantic coast of the Northeastern United States and is divided into five districts: The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island. Currently, there are about 8.3 million people living in under 305 square miles, making New York City also the most densely populated city in the nation. The city’s metropolitan area is also the nation’s highest, estimated at about 18.8 million people in 6,720 square miles. New York City has a humid, subtropical climate and experience sunshine on average of 234 days out of the year. Winters are generally cold, but the city’s coastal location provides the city with milder temperatures and slightly less snowfall. The city is unique among American cities for its high use of mass transit every hour of the day, earning it the nickname “The City that Never Sleeps.” Other names the city is known by include “Gotham” and the “Big Apple.”

Today, New York City is filled with many major establishments such as the Statue of Liberty, Wall Street, the Empire State Building, and Broadway. Although New York City is a very large and bustling city, it maintains its status as the most energy efficient city in the nation due to the majority use of mass transit. The city is also a major supporter of reducing its environmental impact, and preserving the clean water provided by the Catskill Mountain watershed. The city is one of only four major cities in the United States with water pure enough not to require treatment. New York City is a great city to live because of the numerous dining, shopping, and recreational opportunities that it provides. The city has over 28,000 acres of parkland, including beautiful and famous parks such as the Gateway National Recreation Area and Manhattan’s Central Park.

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